Runa Capital invested in the system of security provision for web-application

Runa Capital invested in the system of security provision for web-applicationThe venture Fund “Runa Capital” invested $500K in the company “Wallarm”, which offers solution on security provision for web-applications. Seed investments, received from the “Runa Capital”, the company plans to direct on further product development, approach to product model and business scaling.

In order to promote on the market, the “Wallarm” also plans to attract new partners: providers for cloud services, suppliers of PaaS/IaaS-solutions, monitoring systems, IPS/IDS, with the aim of increasing the share at the growing market of Internet-security, which, according to IDC, exceeds $4B.

Dmitry Galperin, director on investments of the Fund “Runa Capital”, will joint the Board of Directors of the project “Wallarm”. The system of sensitivities revelation of the “Wallarm” supports such popular web-platforms, as Ruby, PHP, .NET, Perl, Python and others, and is integrated with popular systems for mistakes tracing, automating the process of security control during the whole life cycle of the software development. The “Wallarm” is especially actual for the internet-projects, using the practice of continuous integration, consider developers.

The system “Wallarm”, according to investors’ estimations, will be widely actual for companies, working on e-commerce markets and online payments, SaaS/PaaS, Big Data, electronic mass media and personal communications. The cost of the product “Wallarm” starts from $1000 per month. Competitors of the project are Imperva, Qualys, and also products with open code, for example, “ModSecurity”.

“We have chosen the Fund “Runa Capital”, because in its investment portfolio there are many interesting technology companies, - noted the Chief and co-founder of the “Wallarm” Ivan Novikov. – We have created the product for clients, who work with great amount of users and huge data volumes: web-service Nginx works very effectively here, on the basis of which is buil the “Wallarm”, and in which the “Runa Capital” invested initially”.