Three German research institutes have become Skolkovo partners

Three German research institutes have become Skolkovo partnersAs a result of visiting session of the Advisory Scientific Board of the Skolkovo Fund, which took place from February 29 to March 2 in Berlin, three German research institutes has become new Skolkovo partners. This visiting session (the sixth outside of Russia) was initiated by German scientists. The visit was paid in order to establish and strengthen the scientific and business contacts with the partners abroad.

During the meeting, the Skolkovo Fund formalized cooperation in various fields of science and technology with the major German research institutes - Berlin Technical University, Berlin-Adlershof Technopark (optical and photonics technologies, new materials and micro system technology, information and communication technology, environmental , and bio-energy technologies), as well as medical and biotech Campus Berlin-Buch park (working at the intersection of basic research in molecular biology and clinical research and biotechnology).

According to the Director of Development and Planning Fund Alexei Beltyukova, binding international projects is very important for a new research site. All researches must be made according to the international standards in order to their results successful implementation in industry.

Dmitry Kolosov, vice-president of the Fund said that the task of visiting sessions is to involve Russian-speaking and foreign scientists in the assessment of Skolkovo projects. Fund specialists should consider 50 projects weekly and it is a colossal work that requires cooperation.

About thirty people participated in the visiting session on their own initiative and for their money. They are the representatives of the J?lich research center, from the site of the Desy atomic particles accelerator in Hamburg, from universities in Potsdam, M?nster, D?sseldorf and Berlin.