Skolkovo Fund participant creates a unique product - Neolaktoferrin

Skolkovo Fund participant creates a unique product - NeolaktoferrinA unique and innovative product Neolaktoferrin was created with the support of the Skolkovo Fund. The preparation corresponds to the natural human protein and possesses antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal activities, including against antibiotic-resistant pathogens. When combined with antibiotics the medication increases the effect of their actions many times, according to the Skolkovo website.

More than a dozen companies is involved in the genetic technology research in Skolkovo. Having become a Skolkovo resident, Transgenfarm LLC proposed to implement a project of creating a national bio-production of human protein - lactoferrin contained in human milk. A wide range of its bactericidal properties protects infants from infection until the formation of their own immune defense mechanisms. For many months in the Cluster of biomedical technology of Skolkovo innovation center the lactoferrin project was discussed at the level of highly skilled managers, resulting in the road map. In particular, the project was divided into two parts: production of human lactoferrin as an active food additive and as a component of high-efficiency biologically safe medicines of new generation.

The joint work of Skolkovo innovation center specialists and Transgenfarm LLC members which defined the main directions of scientific and technological research, succeeded in 2011. Neolaktoferrin, the human lactoferrin as a commercial product was first created. It was tested in the leading Russian research centers and centers of biological and medical profile. It is proved that the medicine stimulates the natural immunity, it is absolutely safe, does not contain GMO components, does not accumulate in the human body and is compatible with almost any food and medicines. Environmentally friendly and cost-effective technology of large-tonnage production of packed and encapsulated Neolaktoferrin was developed. The medicine also received a state certificate to use it as an edible products component, including baby food.

Now there is an opportunity to make up for the bactericidal protein deficiency in the diet of newborn children who are partially or completely bottle-fed throughout Russia from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin. This will fulfill an important social task of preserving the health of our children. The Children's Health Science Center plans to begin the research on the use of Neolaktoferrin to ensure the protection of prematurely born infants.

According to Viktor Vekselberg, the Skolkovo innovation center president, commercialization of scientific research will become the engine of Russian innovation industrialization.

Andrew Komolov, Biomedical Technology Cluster Investment Director, notes: Lactoferrin is now well-known. The main problem was that no one could stabilize it. Today our genetic engineers have managed to implant this gene to a goat and got goat milk with human lactoferrin, lack in the artificial mixtures, and that is not received by the newborns in the absence of breastfeeding.

In autumn 2012 the Skolkovo Fund organizes a specialized international conference on the use of lactoferrin in neonatology. Encapsulated Neolaktoferrin (to protect the protein from the hostile stomach environment) can be used as a functional food item of adults due to its antioxidant and immunity strengthening properties.

Lactoferrin produced from cow milk has been applied so far. Animal lactoferrin differs from the human one, so Neolaktoferrin will have more opportunities to be used not only in dietology but also in medicine. Preclinical research of Neolaktoferrin has already been successfully initiated, followed by clinical trials.

There is no human lactoferrin as a commercial product in the world market. Therefore, the success of this project will allow it to find a niche in the global market biotechnology. Skolkovo Fund assists in organizing Neolaktoferrinthe market, which this year will be presented to the public at large international meetings in Japan, Canada and the USA.
Skolkovo Fund participant creates a unique product - Neolaktoferrin