Youth IT business incubator in Bashkortostan

Youth IT business incubator in Bashkortostan The Bashkortostan authorities consider the establishment of Youth IT business incubator, which will support the research and commercial activities of the republic’s young citizens, as well as assist small business innovation profile representatives at the initial development stage. This was announced at the recent round table The acute problems of youth employment in the Republic of Bashkortostan.

According to the chairman of the Bashkortostan Republic State Committee for business and tourism Kinzikeev Ruslan, who spoke at the event, it is no secret that the young entrepreneur beginners often have troubles with the high cost of renting office space, getting expert advice on business organization, accounting, marketing, etc., this is especially true for the innovators and entrepreneurs in high technology. Youth IT business incubator should be created to eliminate this problem in the region.

Ruslan Kinzikeev emphasized that the answers to such questions as with what and how to start a business, young people can learn at a business seminar in the framework of the Free Youth project.

In 2012, the State Committee together with the Bashkortostan Ministry of Agriculture also plans to organize on-line entrepreneurs consulting via the Internet resources of district information and counseling centers established under the national program for RB development of agriculture and call-center, created in Ufa.