Bashkortostan to award the best youth business projects

Bashkortostan to award the best youth business projectsThe Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Bashkortostan announces the launch of a Republican contest of youth business projects and ideas Youth Project - 2012.

The main objectives of the competition are the identification and provision of financial support for the most talented young entrepreneurs, the creation of conditions for the implementation of entrepreneurship among young people, the creation of new small enterprises and the development of existing ones.

The competition is open for individual entrepreneurs under the age of 30, small businesses, and youth teams.

Requirements for projects:

- Business project or an idea may be presented only by the subject of youth entrepreneurship;
- Maximum term of return on a business project, business ideas should not exceed 18 months, and with lease - 24 months;
- To finance a business project or business idea a youth business entity must provide necessary data in the business plan on his or her own or borrowed funds in the amount of 30 percent of the total value of the business project and business idea.

When considering the business projects and business ideas, the members of the tender committee, prefer the subjects of youth entrepreneurship who implement business projects in the following areas:

- Agriculture, hunting and forestry;
- Manufacturing;
- Research and development;
- Construction;
- Fishing and fish farms;
- Transport and communications;
- Health and social services;
- Other community, social and personal services;
- Provision of the household;
- Provision of other services;
- Hotels and restaurants;
- Repair of vehicles, motorcycles, personal and household goods for personal use;
- Retail sale of souvenirs, folk crafts, religious items, funeral accessories;
- Education.

The winners will be awarded in two categories: Best Youth Business Project and Best Youth business idea.