RVC and partners about attracting investments

RVC and partners about attracting investments Youth Seminar within preparation for the Yaroslavl Energy Forum – 2012 was held on April 11-12, 2012 in Yaroslavl. 19 students and postgraduates of Russian energy and technological universities participated in the event. The main topic of the seminar is the development of innovations in energy and energy efficiency, reports the press service of the RVC.

The organizers are the Government of the Yaroslavl region, Russia's energy agency, the regional department of fuel, energy and tariff regulation of the Yaroslavl region, the NGO Fund Energy efficiency.

The RVC’ Seed investment Fund Venture Partners - Venova and Branan - on April 12 held a master class on attracting investments in the projects of the early stages of development. According to the regulations of the RVC SIF, investment from the fund can only be obtained under the co-investment from private investors. Thus, managing partner of Venova Alexander Komarov told the young people about how to work with the RVC’s Seed Investment Fund, and how to eliminate the major mistakes made by project teams in search of investment.

Students and postgraduates presented their innovative projects to the experts from companies RVC SIF venture partners. The most interesting, according to experts, were the projects of Ivanovo State Power University representatives, Salt components automated identification of boiler feed water and Development of a three-phase combined digital current transformer, as well as presented by students of the Kazan State Power University, the development of energy-efficient thin-film coating of rubber and plastic mass of cold vulcanization.

An open meeting of the Regional Council for Energy Efficiency was also held at the seminar, the Russian manufacturers of innovative products Mobiks chip and SinproTEK attended the meeting. The companies working in the field of energy efficiency, energy saving and intelligent energy resources accounting are included in the funds portfolios established with RVC capital. Following the meeting, the Board decided to consider the possibility of cooperation of the Yaroslavl region with presented by RVC Russian manufacturers of innovative products.

Of course, today there are many new opportunities for the development of innovative ideas and technologies. However, in order to successfully move in this direction, it is not enough to have only a practical design, one must also understand the processes occurring in the field of venture capital funding, and requirements imposed by investors. It is important to acquire additional skills in project management and evaluation of its prospects in terms of the market - said Eugene Ahpashev, Branan managing consultant, RVC SIF venture partner.

The active participants of the exhibition and the seminar are young professionals and students. And they do not just discuss some questions or offer ideas, they have specific projects in energy saving, and some of these projects have already been successfully implemented, - said the Deputy Governor of the Yaroslavl region Andrew Epaneshnikov. - Everything we do - organize seminars, meetings, forums - aims to find ways and mechanisms for implementation of advanced projects to make power in the Yaroslavl region more effective.