Limitations are always helpful in the scope of innovation

Limitations are always helpful in the scope of innovationLimitations are always helpful in the scope of innovation - John Kao, Hillary Clinton adviser on innovation and U.S. competitiveness shared his opinion. In his interview to Cao expressed his opinion about the role of government in an innovative economy creating, about the Skolkovo innovation city.

Answering the question about the optimum relationship of private and public funds, Cao expressed his opinion that the balance of interests between public and private funds is very important. If there is a balance, then there is a sense of shared responsibility for what happens – he says, noting that it is historically formed in America that the government plays a significant role in supporting innovation and startups, but this role is indirect. The USA is a mature market with venture funds and business angels.

If we talk about Skolkovo and how to attract more private capital, then you just need to show the reason why investors need to come here, also to show that if private investors will invest in projects than they will have an access to the information, opportunities and talents. And then they will come - Kao says. And he would be willing to put his own money into Skolkovo projects: I'm sure there are hundreds of advanced opportunities in Skolkovo. And I would like to stay here longer to learn more.