Amount of private investments in Skolkovo can reach 367B RUB

Amount of private investments in Skolkovo can reach 367B RUB According to the Chief of the Fund Skolkovo Viktor Vekselberg, till the year 2020 the amount of private investments in the project of innovation center can reach 367B RUB, and after the year 2025 the budget funds for the project will not be required.

Skolkovo is financed in the format of private-governmental partnership, herewith the Government share in significantly lower than a share of attracted investment: till 2020 it is planned to attract private investments in amount of 367B RUB, while Government budget funds – 136B RUB. After the year 2025 there will no need in Government budget funds”, - said Mr.Velselberg.

According to the Chief of the Fund, Skolkovo is economically paying well project for the government: integral contribution to the country`s economy from Skolkovo till 2020 will exceed budget investments in the project and comprise 213B RUB. And since 2030, when the project enters a full operating power, it will be possible to say about the efficiency of conducted investing by Innovation center to the full extent.

Financing of the Government sub-program “Creation and development of innovation center Skolkovo” till the year 2020 will comprise 502B RUB, among which budget funds are 135,5B RUB.