Harvest working weekends: from June 8 to 10

Harvest working weekends: from June 8 to 10 Harvest means three days of active work on the project, during that time you will be able to do the job that could require months: break in the business model of the project, make a financial plan, identify steps to promote the project and release it to the market, make a presentation for the investors. In addition, you will have a chance to assemble a dream team, which will develop your project after the working weekend.

The first day (Friday evening) will be devoted to working on the idea and the team organization. Work on the idea will take the world creativity caf? form. Once you received feedback from participants, you will have an opportunity to call people who are interested in this idea. Find these people and bring them together is not so difficult. You can learn how to do it at a master class on teaming after working on ideas. By the end of the evening you will have a worked through idea, a team set up to win, and a facilitator who will assist you during the remaining two days. A facilitator is a curator, and assistant, and a full member of the team at a time. His task will be saving you from organizational issues, to be aware of everything that is happening during the working weekends, to know what issues are facing your project and who can get the answers to these questions. This person will direct the strength and energy of the team in the right direction, so the result could exceed all expectations.

On the second day (Saturday) at 10:00 a.m. begins a qualitative study of ideas. You will see master-classes on business models, development, financial models and presentation skills. Each master class will include theoretical and practical parts, where you can work out your project with a lecturer and get personalized advice from him. The result of this day is a 2-minute presentation of the project, which is to be presented to other contributors in the evening.

The third day is given to consultations with experts. From 10 a.m. you can find Runet leading experts in various fields, and the facilitator of your team will help you to understand which of the experts you should come to. Before each consultation a project makes a 2-minute presentation made the night before. So you will save expert’s time and get through advice.

In the evening the projects make the final presentation to the audience and invited expert jury. As usual, the winners and facilitators expect nice prizes.