#poSEEDelki on September, 5 in the format of Ideation

#poSEEDelki on September, 5 in the format of IdeationA regular #poSEEDelki by GreenfieldProject will take place on September, 5 in Moscow. The organizers called the format of the upcoming event as Ideation and it involves working of several groups on one idea, each of groups makes its ideas and improvements, until the idea returns to its author.

#poSEEDelki is an informal IT entrepreneurs meeting, during which anyone can share his or her idea with the audience, to get feedback on it and maybe even find like-minded people. Two heads are better than one – the organizers say.

The format of Ideation is as follows: participants are divided into several groups. Each group is divided into teams. The number of teams must be equal to the number of people with ideas in the group. Each person with the idea is given a flip chart. For a short period of time, the author describes his idea on a paper, explains it to the members of his team and working together on the idea, writes proposals and thoughts that occur during the discussion.

After the expiry period of time, the team moves on to the next flipchart. Each flipchart remains one moderator who explains the idea and what was conceived during previous brainstorming sessions to the team which just came to his flipchart. Thus, the movement from flipchart to flipchart lasts as long as the author of the idea does not come back to his idea. At the end he should see his transformed idea, learn everything valuable from the proposals that came as a result of working with the teams.

Location: Technopark Digital October, Moscow, Bersenevskaya nab., 6, 3rd floor.

Participation is free. Beginning at 19:00. Date: September 5, 2012.