Federal project for technoparks reached breakeven in 2011

Federal project for technoparks reached breakeven in 2011The total amount of budget funding of the federal program to support technology parks in 2011 equaled the total amount of tax deductions of parks’ resident companies included in the program, Ilya Massukh, the deputy head of the Ministry of Communications said.
According to Massuh, this event is one of the most important during the period of the program implementation, which was approved in March 2006. Recently Massukh has spoken about another four years of the program to support technoparks, worked out at the present time till 2014.

Technology parks have become a reality. It has become clear in 2011 that they are mostly working. Technoparks reached the zero in terms of capital return. It took just three or four years - stated Massukh at the meeting of the interdepartmental commission on coordination of activities, creation, operation and development of technology parks in the field of high technology, which was held on Monday within the telecom exhibition Communications-Expocom 2012.

According to the Rate of the budget effectiveness chart Massuh commented on, it was clear that by 2012 the constantly growing total amount of tax liabilities of all Russian technoparks’ resident companies exceeded the scope of their federal funding. The chart revealed consolidated figures of funding and tax deductions during the existence of the federal program to support technoparks.

Massukh said in March that there are five really working parks in Russia, and the total revenue of the resident companies amounted to 36 B RUR during their work. He added then that the state had already spent 7B RUR on the industrial parks.

Massukh considers that one of the important problems in the implementation of the technoparks program is the absence of a clear definition of the industrial park, approved requirements for them and other related definitions. The official said that under the word technopark are often hidden the companies far from the high-tech. In this regard, it is supposed to make changes to the program itself, which will specify all the controversial definitions.

At present, there are 88 entities in Russia calling themselves the technology parks, 11 of which are included in the federal program, said at the meeting Andrei Shpilenko, the President of the Association of Russian technoparks. He agreed with Massukh that not all of the nearly nine dozen technoparks are rightly called it.

The state program for technological parks financed on a parity basis by the federal and regional budgets and originally designed till 2010, has been prolonged twice - first till 2011 and then until 2014. At present, the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Finance discuss the issue of prolonging the program for another four years - until 2018, RIA Novosti reported.