Funding of Technoparks to increase up to 3.5 B RUR

Funding of Technoparks to increase up to 3.5 B RURMinistry of Communications tries to concur additional funding for the technoparks program. Nikolai Nikiforov, the head of the branch office, supervises the issue personally. Instead of the previously announced sum of 1.5 B RUR, the Ministry of Communications intends to request the Ministry of Finance 3.5 B RUR.

Several high-ranking sources in the Ministry of Communications reported to RBC daily on the fact that now the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Finance are trying to concur the technoparks funding program for 2013 and to increase the amount of the capital by three times. According to them, Nikolai Nikiforov, Communications Minister, is personally in charge of the issue at this stage. The first RBC daily interlocutor states that the Ministry of Communications has been trying to agree upon the sum of more than 1.5 B RUR a year for already 18 months, but now, when the minister has joined the work, the chances for success will be greater. Currently the issue of allocating about 3.5 B RUR from the state budget for 2013 is discussed.

RBC daily’s interlocutor in the Ministry of Finance marked that it is early to talk about the technoparks financing program prior to the approval of the budget parameters for 2013, which will be recorded in early July. Sergei Yusko, Idea Technopark Director (located in Tatarstan), has a positive attitude towards the possibility of increasing the funds for the technology parks program. Our project does not use state funds for operations activity. But I am glad that the high-tech parks program is developing. Ultimately, the whole country should become a technology park, - Mr. Yusko sums up.

Another expert in the field of innovation development hopes that additional funding, in case if the Ministry of Communications receives it, will be directed not so much to the development of the former industrial parks, but rather to the construction and development of new ones.

To accelerate the development of Technopolises, the Ministry of Communications has decided to re-register all the industrial parks from the CJSC and the SO (state organization) to the OJSC. Dennis Solodovnikov, the Technoparks Department Director of the Ministry of Communications states that in such a way technological areas will be able to receive not only state investment but also the extra-budgetary funds. This will help to attract up to one third of the total share of funding from private investors, - Mr. Solodovnikov notes. An expert in the technoparks management from the Ministry of Communications says that currently about 4 B RUR of private investment have been attracted.