Innovative clusters to be created in Zelenograd and Troitsk

Innovative clusters to be created in Zelenograd and TroitskRegional innovation clusters can be created in Zelenograd and Troitsk, as Mikhail An, the First Deputy Head of Office, said on Thursday at the meeting of the joint board under the capital’s Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship.

The goal is to create innovative clusters in Zelenograd and Troitsk. The federal applications have already been filed - RIA Novosti quote on An.

According to him, creating a cluster in Zelenograd will give impetus to the development of this area with already formed unique climate. At the same time a cluster working with new materials and technologies including laser, will be created in Troitsk.

Mr. An added that today Moscow’s innovation sphere includes about 40 innovative business incubators and technology parks, most of which are private, Zelenograd special economic zone, Moskvich technopolis, 80 venture capital funds, and starting with July 1 Skolkovo will join the capital.

The center of innovation development will also start working in the city in the near future. It will provide information support, make analysis, and in general stimulate innovation activity development.

The Deputy Head of the Department also reminded that the requirement for the Moscow agencies to form government procurement was introduced this year so that 5% of them were innovative.

This is a potential of nearly 700 B, - Mr. An said.

He noted that, in general, the capital has great prospects for the innovation development, among others due to the fact that the city has about 300 universities, 100 research institutes, as well as 50,000 people with graduate degrees being Moscow residents.

Mikhail An added that Moscow will host Open Innovation, the International Innovation Forum, from October, 31 to November, 3, which may become analogous to the St. Petersburg Economic Forum in the sphere of innovation.

Alexey Komissarov, the Head of the Department, in turn, noted that the capital has already developed and adopted a bill at the first reading that should help to stimulate innovation activities and provide tax preferences for the enterprises of this area.

The Department Head specified that an example of innovation development is Moskvich technopolis, expecting to take in about 20 companies this year, and by the following year this area can be filled completely.

Oleg Fomichev, the RF Economic Development Deputy Minister, noted that there are all conditions for Moscow to become a global innovative city. At the same time the capital is a large metropolis. This is both the power and the weakness of Moscow, as to develop innovation it is necessary to solve a lot of infrastructure problems, - the Deputy Minister said.

According to him, the city authorities made the right emphasis on the development of cluster projects.

The potential of the attached areas can be considered in this context. In general, the Moscow government is to solve a difficult problem, - Fomichev marked.

In his opinion, the attention should be also paid to the interaction with large companies implementing innovative development programs, and it is necessary to create joint projects with them in Moscow.