Russian innovative IT-clusters joined in a strategic union

Russian innovative IT-clusters joined in a strategic unionAn agreement on the establishment of Russia’s Union of Regional Innovation IT and Electronics Clusters was signed on the first day of Moscow International Forum of innovative development Open Innovations.

The president of the Union is the head of a special economic zone Zelenograd Yuri Vasiliev. According to the declaration of the Union, its members can be innovative regional clusters that provide services and products in information technology and electronics.

At present, the union includes innovative regional clusters Zelenograd, Dubna, Information Technologies and Electronics of Novosibirsk region and Information Technologies and Electronics of Tomsk region.

The main objective of the Union is the establishing of intercluster cooperation. It is planned to use the possibilities of science cities and technology-innovative special economic zones, and to attract highly qualified young professionals to work in organizations that participate in regional innovation clusters. The tasks of the Union’s creators are the development of mechanisms to ensure effective interaction of the clusters, government and large corporations, as well as the effective use of economic, scientific, technological and industrial potential of the clusters.

During the discussion on the declaration, Alexander Uvarov, the pro-rector for innovative development and international activities, the director of the Institute of Innovation TUCSR stressed that the Union should have practical results and offered to co-ordinate efforts in the implementation of several projects, one of them is the creation of clusters’ corporate universities that may be based in several clusters of different sectoral focus.

The Union operates on the territory of Russia and will be located in Tomsk.