Graduates of Tomsk student incubators released products for 300 M RUR

Graduates of Tomsk student incubators released products for 300 M RURAccording to the Acting Deputy Governor of Tomsk Region department of science, technology and innovation policy and education Alexei Pushkarenko, there are 5 student business incubators in the region today that processed 711 promising projects within four years, the website of Tomsk Region Administration says.

Great number of people willing to implement their innovative ideas in business incubators was also noted. The selection of projects is conducted 2-3 times a year. Most of the projects are being successfully implemented. For example, 12 small innovative enterprises were set up in business incubators in 2011, 25 projects became winners of various competitions held by venture capital funds including the Skolkovo Fund. The volume of production produced by incubated companies totaled 55 M RUR last year.

This shows how wrong those are who say that there are no innovation projects in Russia - Alexei Pushkarenko says. – We have projects, we only needed to develop them.

In Tomsk Region student business incubators represent an important component of the innovation infrastructure, which includes more than 40 items. Today we can see the promotion of innovative projects around the innovative elevator in terms of our region - the acting Deputy Governor says. - The way from high school to industrial production was done by more than 50 projects within the last three years.