The National Perspectives Foundation will give grants to young innovators

The National Perspectives Foundation will give grants to young innovatorsRussian National Perspectives Foundation will give grants totaling 2 M RUR to young innovators - the participants of TIM Biryusa forum, which will be visited by 5000 people this year.

The territory of the youth initiative forum Biryusa is a specialized forum for the development and formation of young entrepreneurs and innovators, this is absolutely autonomous, special area the members of which go up together, develop, acquire necessary skills, gain experience. During the seven days period the participants will be immersed in an atmosphere of continuous brainstorming sessions to create new projects.

Grants competition of the All-Russia National Perspectives Fund will take place this year at the initiative youth territory Biryusa. The participants of the contest will be the projects teams of at least three people aged 18 to 35 years - Society and Economy shifts participants who have submitted their applications either at the project’s website or directly on the project.

The competition is held in the following areas:

- Civil and socio-political youth initiatives (youth initiative in solving important problems of the region, local communities and housing, youth in politics);
- Information, blog and Internet projects (media, information, blog and Internet projects);
- Innovation and Entrepreneurship in building (new construction companies to develop and implement innovative, architectural and construction investment projects);
- Youth Entrepreneurship (development and support of youth entrepreneurship and innovation projects in IT-technology, media and energy);
- Innovations in science and technology (research and development, the creation of experimental models of inventions).

Projects with the requested funding of less than 100 K RUR will be able to participate in the competition. The exceptions are the projects submitted in Innovation in Science and Technology categories and their funding may not exceed 150 K RUR.

The total grant is 2 M RUR.

Russian National Perspectives Foundation was established in 2007. The strategic objective of the Fund is to form regional youth employment pool aimed at innovative modernizing of national economy, improving the mechanisms of social and political life of a specific region as well as the whole country. Beginning from 2008, Russian National Perspectives Foundation implements systematic grant support for entrepreneurial, innovative, political and social initiatives of the Russian youth.