The main innovation exhibition will bring up to 1 B RUR to Ural Region

The main innovation exhibition will bring up to 1 B RUR to Ural RegionThe governor of Sverdlovsk Region Kuyvashev Eugene, who took office in late May, has decided to support the organization of the third annual exhibition of innovations and industry Innoprom in Yekaterinburg in July. The participation in the exhibition has been confirmed by Rostelecom, RUSNANO, Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Siemens, Philips, Dupont, and others.

The revenue that Innoprom brings to the region was appraised by the order of the governor. It turned out that one visitor staying in Ekaterinburg for two days spends on accommodation and meals at an average of 15-20 K rubles. Having regard to the fact that this year the number of visitors is expected to reach 50 K, the proceeds of the region should reach from 750 M RUR to 1 B RUR.

Responding to a question of CNews about the budget of the exhibition Kuyvashev said that it will not exceed 300 M RUR this year. The Region will allocate 100 M RUR and the remaining funds will be attracted form sponsorship contributions and income from the sale of exhibition space, said the representative of the exhibition’s operator – Formica Company - Anton Atrashkin.

In the past year the budget of the exhibition totaled 280 M RUR and the region allocated just 170 M RUR while the rest was attracted by the operator.