Facebook to check on Russian hackers’ sternness

Facebook to check on Russian hackers’ sternnessThe largest social network in the world announced the intention to make Moscow one of the participating cities of Facebook Developer World Hack - a series of hacking competitions for the developers of social applications.

When planning your trip, we decided to stop in places where we have never been, where high activity of hackers is who create great applications, and where you would like to see us, - Facebook says in a statement.

Facebook Developer World Hack Competitions will take place in 12 cities around the world including Warsaw, Barcelona, Berlin, Bangalore, and Mexico.

Programmers and everyone who already have experience developing for Facebook platform, and those who are just starting to work with API Facebook will be able to take part in World Hack. There will be technical presentations at the beginning of each conference in which participants will have the basic knowledge needed to create social applications. Anyway, this is not a compulsory event – those self-reliant can get started right away - Facebook engineers will be nearby and will gladly help if someone will need professional advice while programming.

There will be a demonstration of participants’ work at the end of each event and awarding of winners who created the best applications for various categories. The idea of competitions held by Facebook is the creation of new applications, and therefore only built on the day of the event applications are eligible for the prizes. The jury which includes Facebook engineers and local experts in the field of technology will select the winners.

The competition of Russian hackers will take place at Moscow Center Digital October. The date to be announced.

The event will last one day and include dinner, show and awarding ceremony. The number of participants is limited, please, register at moscow.fbworldhack.com.