Skolkovo to hold up to 20 competitions of energy efficiency projects

Skolkovo to hold up to 20 competitions of energy efficiency projects Skolkovo cluster of energy efficient technologies intends to conduct about 10-20 competitions of specialized innovative energy efficiency projects in 2013, the CEO of the cluster Vasily Belov told RIA Novosti.

It will be niche, highly specialized contests, such as the development of specific devices with specific characteristics, - the head of the cluster said.

According to Belov, the competitions will be long; the collection of applications for them will take 3-4 months.

If we realize our plans, we will immediately give the winners of the competition the status of innovation center Skolkovo resident, and will be ready to allocate grants (from the fund), - he said.

This year allowed us to identify the most popular subjects of projects demanded by the industry. Due to this we will be able to order specific products next year, - Belov said.

This year, the cluster was involved in organizing of three innovative energy efficiency projects competitions in various industries of the Russian Federation.

The time-frame of one of these events, the competition of innovative projects to improve the efficiency of generating electricity and thermal energy, which started in May, are extended until the beginning of the autumn due to the period of summer vacations, Belov said.

According to Belov, about 70 applications were filed to the competition so far. The presentation of finalists and announcement of winners will take place on September, 26 at a round table with the participation of the heads of major energy companies operating in Russia.