RVC and AIRR’s rating of innovative companies

RVC and AIRR’s rating of innovative companiesAn awards Ceremony of top 10 leading companies TechUspeh took place within the Moscow International Forum for innovative development Open Innovations.

Top 10 most innovative companies:
• IT group of companies
• Unihimtek Group
• CFT Group
• Diakont
• Interskol
• Novomet-Perm
• Ramek
• Svemel
• Elar
• ER-Telecom

The companies included in our list are the rising stars of not only Russian but also the international business. I am convinced that we should talk about such companies as much as possible. Because they do what very few people are able to in Russia: it is the commercialization of knowledge - the executive director of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia Ivan Bortnik said.

The participants of the rating are the suppliers of high-tech products to the domestic and foreign markets. The turnover of many companies is of hundreds of millions and billions of rubles. The ranking includes companies from different spheres: designers and manufacturers of aviation equipment for radio of various aircrafts, pharmaceutical companies, IT-companies, large regional telecommunications providers and many others.

The Director of the department of development and promotion of innovation markets of JSC RVC Gulnara Bikkulova says: The rating of Russian technology companies that have demonstrated best commercial rates and growth is extremely important event for Russia. The rating, I hope, will become traditional and will involve new companies willing to undergo serious examination and demonstrate what it means to be a successful technological business.