New R&D center in Skolkovo to develop railway infrastructure

New R&D center in Skolkovo to develop railway infrastructureTransmashholding will build a large research center in Skolkovo, which will deal with the developments in the railway sector.

The memorandum on the implementation of innovative research, development and design of Transmashholding corporate research center was signed by the President of the Skolkovo Fund Viktor Vekselberg and the President of CJSC Transmashholding Andrei Bokarev.

The R&D center of Transmashholding is planned to be the biggest research center in Skolkovo. Its area will be 25K square meters. The building will be located in Technopark D2, most rapidly developing area of Skolkovo. The architect of the object will be selected by the leadership of Transmashholding and Town Planning Board of the Skolkovo Fund.

The president of the Skolkovo Fund Viktor Vekselberg, commenting on the event, said: The trend of active research becomes very important in the activity of Russian companies. The agreement between Skolkovo and Transmashholding is a significant event. A serious investment decision has been made, and it changes the structure of the company to some extent.

The president of Transmashholding Andrei Bokarev talked about the areas of research that will be conducted in the R&D center of the company in Skolkovo. This is, firstly, the development of rolling stock: the creation and modernization of locomotives, double-decker cars, fast trains, including commuter services. Second, the creation of new components: improving locomotive engines, the development of more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. Third, there is Transmashholding's logistics and passenger center in Skolkovo which will organize the movement of trains: new opportunities for the movement, new types of transport, planning railroad junctions, etc.

Skolkovo is not only a convenient geographical location where you can open your office, but also a system of all conditions necessary for high-tech research and we will use them for sure, - Andrey Bokarev said.