uTorrent creators launch a secure alternative to Dropbox

uTorrent creators launch a secure alternative to DropboxA new service Sync, which encrypts and synchronizes files between different devices using the p2p-protocol, launched. This is a development of BitTorrent Company which created a popular torrent client uTorrent. Sync services is for those who would like to control their data without relying on third-party companies.

In contrast to cloud services - SkyDrive, Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive and others, - Sync does not send information to remote servers and stores it locally. In addition, its users can share files of any size, Torrent Freak reports.

Sync uses the same technology as torrents do, while personal files are not available to other people and all traffic is encrypted. Private folders are available only to those who have a unique key.

Sync Client is available for OS X (Snow Leopard version and above), Windows (from XP SP3), as well as Linux with 2.4 kernel and above. The program is free.

BitTorrent Labs’ website describes three more pilot projects of the company: Surf extension for Firefox and Chrome, which allows you to find and download content from torrent trackers using your web browser, SoShare storage for large files (up to 1 terabyte), as well as BitTorrent Live for live video broadcasting on the web.