Pavel Durov launches free messenger Telegram

Pavel Durov launches free messenger TelegramThe company Digital Fortress, belonging to the founder of VKontakte Pavel Durov, distributed a mobile messenger Telegram for common use, which should become a competitor to popular service WhatsApp.

Developers assure that Telegram is not explicitly connected with VKontakte services. It has been created on the basis of developed by Nikolay Durov, brother of Pavel Durov, secure protocol MPTroto, and will be a standard application, using this protocol.

When launching login is the iPhone telephone number, at which the application is downloaded. As a contact database the Telegram uses phone book of the device. Message sending is possible only between devices at which Telegram is downloaded; there is no VoIP gateway into other networks in the messeger.
Telegram is able to create group chats (up to 100 people), and allows changing also photo and video files.

Developers assure that due to decentralized Nothern infrastructure, Telegram is one of the most fast messengers in the world”, and in connection with encryption in messages sending, it is guarded against all the risks, known in the industry.