Digital October launches Russian Startup Rating 2013

Digital October launches Russian Startup Rating 2013The Digital October Center announces acceptance of applications from young companies to participate in Russian Startup Rating 2013, which is a rating of Russian startups in IT, high-tech, biotechnologies and medicine.

The organizers of the rating are Digital October and Greenfield Project. The rating is conducted in partnership with PwC, Russia Beyond the Headlines (RBTH), Innovation Commercialization Center and MedStart Association with the support of Russian Venture Company (RVC).

The next counting of the Top 50 projects takes place in May, followed by a results presentation within Demo Europe conference in Moscow on June 3-4.

You can submit your application at

Startups participating in the ranking receive the following advantages in the market:

Extensive media coverage. The best 50 startups will be covered in a series of articles about the rating through a partnership with RBTH (foreign supplement of Rossiyskaya Gazeta) and public relations agency A-TAK startups.

More than 8.5M people saw the results of Russian Startup Rating 2012 online (coverage in 75 online media) and more than 10.6M people in printed version. Information about participating startups was published in such newspapers as the Daily Telegraph, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Figaro, etc.

Increasing the investment attractiveness of the companies. The participation in Russian Startup Rating makes startups visible to all main investors in the industry, as well as to business angels who are not easy to contact on occasion. In addition, filling out a detailed questionnaire required to participate in the rating and its further expert evaluation increases investors’ confidence in startups.

Understanding your position relative to the market and competitors. Since the rating involves a large number of companies of various profiles, you can always compare your market position relative to your competitors’ position, both direct and indirect ones. In addition, the rating allows startups to track their own dynamics, since the re-evaluation of its participants is conducted on a regular basis.