Yakutia small innovative companies to receive grants

Yakutia small innovative companies to receive grants The first part of the meeting of Commission on allocating subsidies to small innovative enterprises for the implementation of their development activities took place on June 13 at Technopark Yakutia. The meeting was held as part of a programme Scientific Technical and Innovative Development of the Republic of Sakha ‘Yakutia’ in 2012-2016.

The meeting considered applications of companies doing business in science and innovation:

- Teplokomfort - the development of rural housing improvement technologies;
- Nord 2008 - production and bottling of drinking water with pantovaya products and Bioiodine-2;
- Bige - development of liquid thermal insulation coating useful in the Far North;
- Nauka - agricultural crops production;
- NGO Ekor - Siberian sturgeon growing in the Lena River basin.

Maksim Trofimov, the Chairman of the State Committee on Science and Innovation Policy: This competition has been held for the second year and involves more and more participants. There are 12 applications submitted this year, and the most interesting and economically viable of them can get up to 1M RUR. The total budget of the contest is 5M RUR.

It should be noted that the participants gain valuable experience, as well as recommendations from experts and the committee members in addition to financial support opportunity.

Currently, the innovation elevator includes three stages:
- An idea supported by grants;
- A R&D support mechanism "prototype - preproduction model" which includes competitions on activities subsidizing;
- Small-scale production.

The second and final part of the meeting takes place this week.