“FINAM” sold its share to banki.ru

“FINAM” sold its share to banki.ruThe company “Finam” has sold its share in the portal banki.ru to the Fund Russia Partners for $6M (about 30% of stocks). The parties estimated Banki.ru in $20M, says the Forbes. Herewith “Finam” gives no comments on this information and does not confirm the deal.

The company banki.ru was founded in 2006 by Filipp Ilyin-Adaev, his wife – popular former TV presenter Elena Ishcheeva, his brother Kirill and two managers-programmers. Initially it has been invested in the Startup $100K.

In 2008, when the project became popular, Mr.Ilyin-Adaev started to search for the investor. In 2010 Viktor Remsha became the investor – his company “Finam” acquired 30% of banki.ru for $3M.

For three years Mr.Remsha managed to double the invested capital. According to Mr.Ilyin-Adaev, in some 4-5 years the capitalization of banki.ru should have reached $100M. The company`s profit will grow 50-60% per year: for the year 2011 it comprised $5,5M, for 2012 - $8,5M, and in 2013 the growth up to $13-14M is expected.

The buyer – the Russia Partners Technology Fund – is at the formation stage now. Banki.ru became the fifth investing project of this Fund.