Leorsa Innovations will invest the Startup “Sensor systems”

Leorsa Innovations will invest the Startup “Sensor systems”Leorsa Innovations achieved agreement about investments of the first round with founders of the resident of business incubator Ingria “Sensor Systems” and became a partner of a unique project, developed by scientists from Saint-Petersburg State University.

The first round investments will comprise not more than $1M. Executed by parties agreement of intent means that the project further will receive all the required volume of investments for creation of an industrial prototype and its enter into a global market.

The project “Sensor systems” is based on investigations of a global level in the sphere of artificial sensor systems for analysis of comprehensive liquid medium (“Electronic language”). The aim of the project at this stage id ending of development and commercialization of sensor systems for evaluation of new pharmaceutical dosages` intensity of taste at early stage of their development and integrated control of comprehensive biotechnological processes of various manufacturers and definition of security and taste characteristics of intermediate and end products.

Leorsa Innovations team has conducted analysis of scientific-technology element of a solution, offered by “Sensor systems”, and on this basis approved that project`s investments are economically justifiable. The task of Leorsa Innovations, which acquired a majority interest in this project, is not only its financial support, but also contribution in realization of its intellectual potential in commercially effective industrial project.

Business-incubator Ingria is intended to continue support of knowledge-intensive Startups jointly with Leorsa Innovations. Till September, 20 experts of Ingria receive applications for participation in autumn investment session “VC Day Ingria Future Science” from Startups on directions Hightech (new materials, energy and power save, robotics, electronics, medical equipment, mobile applications for medicine). Experts of innovation direction of Leorsa Group of Companies will estimate technological and economical potential of projects.

The company Leorsa Innovations is attracted by projects, whose unicity is based on results of applied research and engineering optimization. Own scientific group and pool of business partners of Leorsa Innovations allow integrating business and scientific society. Realized invest-projects receive all-round support (incl. legal, patent).