Talentory.com attracted $1.7M from the investment Fund RITF

Talentory.com attracted $1.7M from the investment Fund RITFThe “Russian Internet Technology Fund” (RITF) under control of the “Black River Ventures” acquired significant minority share in the capital “Talentory AG”, operator of the European platform for companies and enterprises “Talentory.com” for search and selection of qualified personnel, specialists and managers. The “Talentory” plans to use attracted funds for support of high growth rate of sales and business development, in the basis of which lays innovation approach and innovatory for a branch business-model, and also for acceleration of international company’s development and entering the new markets.

The online platform for managing the search and selection of personnel “Talentory.com” from Zurich, on which at the moment 1000 companies-employers are registered from Europe? Including large regional and global players with constant needs in high-qualified personnel, attracted $1,7M from the Fund RITG within the regular round of financing of series B. The Fund was founded by the “Black River Ventures” in the beginning of 2013 together with the Group The “Third Rome”.

At the moment more than 2000 specialized headhunters, registered on the “Talentory.com”, recommend potential candidates from their base to more than 1000 known employers from Germany, France, Switzerland, including such large regional and global employers, as, for example, UBS, Deutsche Telekom, Henkel and Holcim, and others.

Annual earnings of European employers for search and attraction of constant workers is estimated in more than $10B, including expenses, significantly exceeding 1,5B, annually paying as commission fee when acceptance in the staff a candidate from outside. More than 18 thousand professional recruiters all over the Europe make search and selection of candidates on open positions in companies from the list “Fortune 500”, and also small and medium enterprises, while competition for high-qualified personnel continues growing. Expenses of workers in USA for search and attraction of constant workers estimate in $12B per year.

Clients of the “Talentory” have an opportunity to work with all types of search of high-qualified staff: search and attraction of managers (Executive Search), search and staff selection for new or appeared newly vacancies, investigation of high-qualified staff existence and specialists on the market. Work with “Talentory” allows clients of the platform in short time gathering an opportunity of selecting and working with professional and reliable headhunters and agencies-suppliers of candidates, more wide opportunities for recruitment on international markets, and also significant decrease of expenses as compared to use of traditional B2C-channels of search. The “Talentory” provides headhunters with effective methods of interaction with hundreds of new clients, thus shortening time for search of contractors and execution of contracts and thus allowing fully concentrating the promotion of candidates from its bases.