The first building of biotechnopark Koltsovo is available

The first building of biotechnopark Koltsovo is availableThe first building of biotechnopark Koltsovo is a factory building for park’s resident SPS-Farm, according to the official website of Koltsovo.

The building was constructed in compliance with all GMP standards. Now the company needs to receive a decision of Rospotrebnadzor to launch production.

One of the accelerators has been already assembled in the pharmaceutical plant and its installation, according to general director of LLC SPS-Farm Gennady Ryzhikov, will take 5 months.

Our first commercial product to be produced in Koltsovo is a world class tromboanalitik Trombovazim which is not available anywhere abroad - Gennady Ryzhikov said. - It is used to dissolve those blood clots in human bloodstream which are not utilized in the liver and, joining other blood clots, eventually cause thrombosis and therefore strokes and heart attacks. It is good for small blood clots removing them from pupils, the eyeball and cerebral cortex.