A Skolkovo school to appear in Novosibirsk

A Skolkovo school to appear in Novosibirsk The representatives of Novosibirsk education community discussed how to educate creative young people for the city’s innovation economy. The corresponding programme should be approved by the Council of Deputies.

Experts, university rectors, school principals, representatives of science and innovation companies, and concerned citizens make their suggestions on how to create a system of creative young people education from a young age. All agree that the creative thinking should be shaped from the preschool age.

According to the rector of NSTU Nikolay Pustovoy, it should be a vertically integrated system. Its lower levels should include counseling centers for parents where moms and dads of children aged from 1 to 7 years would be able to learn how to identify and develop their child's talents, introduction of special programmes for preschool children. The educational complex Skolkovo School in Novosibirsk to appear near the Kluch-Kamyshenskoe plateau will top the vertically integrated system.

Young teachers constitute one of the most important elements in shaping creative thinking of young people. They need to learn and apply new methods in their work.

The municipality plans to spend about 55B RUR on the programme. As stressed by the mayor Vladimir Gorodetsky, the money is mostly attracted and not taken from the budget. Novosibirsk enterprises that need new people meeting modern requirements will also take part in the education of young creative people.