Ingria provides external consultancy to startuppers

Ingria provides external consultancy to startuppers Residents of Ingria Business Incubator got an opportunity to exchange experiences with foreign experts and startuppers through Ingria.Online program, said in a statement of the Ingria Technopark.

Ingria Business Incubator is the first project of St. Petersburg Technopark Ingria, created to set up the interaction of its residents and higher education institutions, potential investors and customers.

Ingria.Online is a virtual program, which participants get a 3-month access to the services of the incubator through webinars. It is primarily designed for startups that developed a product or its prototype and need to work through and test their business model, develop their team, and find investors.

The potential of Ingria.Online participants has been significantly expanded through the collaboration of Ingria Business Incubator with the U.S. network of business incubators nestGSV and leading Finnish universities. Virtual residents will be able to prepare their business to enter foreign markets, receiving professional assessment and recommendations of experts from Silicon Valley and Finland.