The first in Russia School Technopark opens in Astrakhan

The first in Russia School Technopark opens in AstrakhanAt a new school year in Astrakhan region talented engineers and specialists in the sphere of microelectronics and robototronics will be taught from school-days, and all representatives of a regional business will explain future school leavers about professions that are really popular on the market.

About these and other news in regional education reported the Ministry of Education and science of Astrakhan region Vitaly Gutman to the governor Aleksander Zhilkin in the course of a planned report. The cabinet minister also noted that all regional educational institutions are ready to be merged in cluster system.

The microelectronics laboratory, where it is possible to implement the grassroots in iron almost any electronic development, 3D-printer, which within the minutes prints a model of any bright design idea, a laser metalcutter, a laboratory of robototronics and modern television studio with the whole set of installation equipment and the newest software. Before listening to a traditional report by a regional Ministry of education and science, all the audience (including municipality representatives, rectors of leading Astrakhan Universities, directors and representatives of city schools) visit several rooms of a newest Technopark of Astrakhan Construction-engineering University.

The official name is a Center of infant research and technology work. However it does not seem like common circles of radioamateurs and modellists. Even 5th graders are able to design a useful gadget for home at their own hands – water autoswitcher or device for curtains opening. Young engineers will be taught by stages – from easy to difficult. “Genius are very unique anomaly, or even mutation. But it is possible to teach a modern, tech-savvy engineer, in case of a regular work with him”, - believes director of Center of infant research and technology work and Technopark of Astrakhan Construction-engineering University Vladimir Voikov. The first in the country school Technopark will be opened in the region since September 1, this year; hundreds of talented schoolchildren from all over the region will be educated on the basis of this Technopark simultaneously. Technologies of selection are worked out, but it is known that all its opportunities will be available to wunderkinds even from very remote villages of Astrakhan region in remote access mode.

The project, in which more than 30M RUB has already been invested, starts simultaneously with a range of other technological know-how of Astrakhan education system. According to Vitaly Gutman, since the new school year, the whole system of education will be transformed to “cluster type”. This means that all the schools, secondary and high education institutions will work together, and each young Astrakhan citizen will be prepared to a future profession since school days.