William R. Wright launched a new game-Startup

William R. Wright launched a new game-Startup Founder of SimCity Will Wright became of founders of the Startup Syntertainment, which focused at “combination of entertainment and reality”. The company has already attracted $5M of investments, including from the largest venture Fund Andreessen Horowitz and former Chief of Electronics Arts John Riccitiello.

According to Mr.Wright, this is not “just an ordinary megaproject, but the evolution of my interests”. At the moment under his authority there are 11 workers, and totally there will be working 20 people in Syntertainment.

Still founders do not disclose what they will do. It is only announced that a new beginning does not refer to works in two other Startups of Mr.Wright, these are Stupid Fun Club and Hive Mind.

Participation of John Riccitiello in the board of directors, as informed, will help to “find common ground with the rest investors”, among which are such great companies as Mayfield Fund, Foursquare and HVF. “John and I have a good relationship, and we have always had good working relations, it is fun with him”, explained Will Wright.