The “Yandex” top-manager: there is no Startup market in Russia now

The “Yandex” top-manager: there is no Startup market in Russia now“There is no Startup market now. Actually entrepreneurship in Russia is only starts existing in the shape it is presented”, - considers director on technologies distribution of the Company “Yandex” Grigory Balunov. He has stated in the interview of the RIA Novosti in the conducted now in Moscow on the API Moscow field at acceleration program live stage “Generation s”.

According to his opinion, there is low amount of normal entrepreneurs, particularly in the Startup-movements. There are many people, who want to make something, and herewith low amount of real entrepreneur, but balance is required strongly. Grigory Bakunov does not like the existing “Startup in-crowd”; according to him, it includes only mainly one and the same people, who come to assert oneself and realize their ambitious, but not ideas: “This is so-called a “Startups fever” – people think that they are in one step from success, and they will think over the genius idea, and in two months they will become famous. Unfortunately, everything differs in real life: invented an idea, worked for two months – understood that this idea is failed; invented the new one, worked for more two months – understood that this one is also failed, and thus 8 years of work, until appears the idea, which is really great”.

According the Mr.Bakunov, the future of the venture investments market in Russia depends on what future has our market of entrepreneurship, and this future depends on people.