“Start in Garage” in the business-incubator of the Kazan IT-park

“Start in Garage” in the business-incubator of the Kazan IT-parkIt was really hot in the business-incubator of the Kazan IT-park these days – there has been conducted the education program the “Start in Garage”. And if the first day of the program has been mostly focused on theoretical side of involved subjects, and in the evening entered the practice phase, then in the second day participants had to learn the whole day. Tutors of the “Start in Garage” started its day with consideration of a feedback according thr first day of education.

There have been considered offerings of listeners and have been defined those moments, at which it has been offered to stop for a more detailed discussion. After all organization questions have been regulated, and participants have been presented a new theoretical information, the intense practice started.

In the second day of the “Start in Garage”, listeners have been offered to divide for several teams and continue working at their business-model. The day before participants have already met such task, this is why in the second day such work has been conducted faster. Tutors actively took part in projects discussion, gave useful advices and opened for Startupers new opportunities in development. According to results of the second day, there have been presented upgraded business-models of earlier selected projects, and though this time there criticism took place, experts noted increased level of listeners professionalism and thir opportunity to acquire new material.

These two days became for residents of the business-incubator of both IT-park fields – in Kazan and Naberezhnye Chelny – the best opportunity to increase their skills in the sphere of the startup development. During the short period of time tutors could share to listeners with valuable information on the market selection, in which it is worth working, development of the business-model and development strategy, and many others. In practice there have been fixed many questions, which are very actual for Startups at various stages of their young company life. Besides, participants of the educational program “Start in Garage” could better polish their skills with a team work and communicate with true professionals in the sphere of business.