“Runa Capital” will launch the second fund

“Runa Capital” will launch the second fund “Runa Capital” will announce about launch of the Fund for investments in startups, which by its volume will be larger than the first one is, and focused on projects at later development stages, said co-founder and managing partner of “Runa Capital” Dmitry Chikhachev. The amount of the Fund is not exacted, the supposed date of the Fund launch is the first half of 2014.

Now there continues attraction of new investors in the Fund, besides already existed. These will be both Russian and foreign investors, and, according to Chikharev’s offers, these will be mainly private investors: “We have a small amount of institutional investors, but institutes are very creful to investments, firstly, in venture funds, secondly, referred with Russia and invested in startups at the early stage. Such institutes often act by a template”.

According to Chikharev, first of all the new fund will pay attention at projects, which are connected to cloud calculations – software for small and medium business, which is offered as a service. The second interesting for the fund sphere will become so called difficult software for storing large data volumes, parallel calculations, and virtualization.

The first Fund for investments in technology startups “Runa Capital” was founded in 2010 by a founder of “Parallels” and “Acronics” Sergey Belousov, Ilya Zubarev and Dmitry Chikharev. The amount of the Fund comprises $135M, in the investment portfolio “Runa Capital” is about 40 companies from Russia, USA, Europe and Ukraine.