Yandex became the largest media of the country in 2013

Yandex became the largest media of the country in 2013 In 2013 Yandex exceeded the “First channel” by its profit and became the first media of the country, according to “Vedomosti”. According to the publication’s data, profit of the Internet Company for the first nine months of the year comprised 27,4B RUB – it is 37% higher than for the same period of the last year. Thus, saving growth rates, the Yandex profit per year can comprise almost 40B RUB.

Financial results of the “First channel” are still undisclosed. Last year its earning increased 0.7% - up to 29.1B RUB, and exceeded profit of Yandex for the year 2012 for 1% only. Even if forecasts for the year 2013 of the mediasellers become true, and the market growth of tele-advertisement will comprise 10%, profits of the “First channel” will hardly increase higher than 32B RUB.

Thus, Yandex this year exceeds by its profit both the “First channel” and the whole market, note the “Vedomosti”. The Internet-company controls half of online-advertising in the country (a share of which nowadays comprises 21% - this is the second advertising market after television).

Herewith the “Yandex” and the “First Channel” are not direct competitors on the advertising market. Almost 90% of the “Yandex” profit is earning from the context advertising, which give small and medium companies with small budget – and they will never come to “big television”. Besides, the context announcements can take profits from regional channels.

“We do not consider “Yandex” to be a competitor, our profit in commercial (media) advertising is almost 10%. We are glad to see achievements of this company, which the context of which it attracts absolutely new advertisers, who otherwise would not come to advertisement market, this is why “Yandex” assists in the whole market growth”, - says newspaper of the “First Channel” representative.