IV Ural Venture Forum

IV Ural Venture ForumDue to the initiative of NABA (National Association of Business Angels) the first Russian Business Angels Week will take place in April 2012. It is a series of activities coordinated in time, content and location aimed at developing the market of venture capital investments at early stage. IV Ural Venture Forum founded and organized by BAUR (Business Angels of the Urals) will be held within the event.

Ural Venture Forum is an event, a significant step in the development of innovative entrepreneurship. As in past years, the Forum will bring together all the participants of the investment process, from developers to business angels and other investors. Ural Venture Forum is a communications platform that will provide a unique opportunity to directly form the whole chain of innovative products, as well as the innovation ecosystem of the Ural region. The forum participants are the representatives of the Ural innovative enterprises, technoparks, business incubators; inventors, scientists, professors and university students; business leaders, government officials of Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Kurgan, the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district, Tyumen, the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Perm, as well as speakers from Moscow and foreign participants (the USA, Austria, Finland, Israel, Germany).

As part of the 4th Ural Venture Forum, The Problems of communication of venture market participants in the Ural region press conference will be held on April 26. The regional, Russian and international venture business professionals, investment specialists, government officials responsible for the development of this area in the Urals will meet with the journalists. Briffings with the main speakers of the Forum are also provided for the journalists. In addition to the business program, several significant events may take place within the Forum. Among them is the final of the regional stage of the All-Russian BIT Ural 2012Contest, where the most promising projects of the Ural developers will be presented to the investors; signing of several key agreements between the participants of the investment market of the Urals, Russia and other regions of the world; meeting of the BAUR Discussion Club with the theme Power, Business, Media: Ural Investment.

In addition, Business of Innovative Technologies 2012 (abbreviated as BIT - 2012), a national entrepreneurial competition will be held in Russia for the ninth time. It is based on the known principles of competition MIT $ 100K, conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) since 1990, the most successful business competition in the world. This is not just a contest of innovative ideas, it is also a contest of business plans and teams capable of turning good ideas into successful businesses.