Dmitry Medvedev's video message to the RIF + KIB 2012forum participants

Dmitry Medvedev's video message to the RIF + KIB 2012forum participants The Russian President Dmitry Medvedev addressed the Russian Internet Forum RIF + KIB 2012 participants through his blog in Live Journal. According to the President, the Russian Internet is developing rapidly and it is something to be proud of.

According to the last year’s results is in fourth place in the world ranking of national domains, and Russia joined the European leaders in the number of network users, - said Medvedev in his video message.

He added that this increases the demand for online projects.

Today, network business customers are people from different age groups - from schoolchildren to pensioners. Millions of people in Russia buy goods, tickets, book hotels, order a variety of services via the Internet. Not long ago it seemed impossible, - said Medvedev.

According to the president, the state should create conditions for further expansion of online business.

Medvedev also noted that the question of censorship on the Internet is meaningless.

Promotion of terrorism, ethnic and religious hostility, the distribution of pornography should be severely punished. Law enforcement agencies did and will do it, but this is not about any censorship on the Internet, - said the head of state.

The video is available on the page

RIF + KIB is the leading annual Runet conference. It is organized by the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC). The first Russian Internet Forum was held in 1997. In April 2009 the RIF and the conference Internet and Business united in the Joint Conference of RIF + KIB. In 2004, the Forum has received support from the state by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications, and since 2008 - from the Ministry of Communications. Traditionally, the event takes place in the format three-day event near Moscow. The program represents about one hundred sections and round tables. In the framework of RIF + KIB the participants can discuss all aspects of the Russian Internet: from the search for knowledge, friends, work, entertainment and business applications to web security, investment analysis and business model.