Dolgoprudnyy and Khimki create innovative cluster

Dolgoprudnyy and Khimki create innovative clusterThe city administration held a meeting on the program for development of innovative territorial cluster PhysTech XXI in Dolgoprudny and Khimki.

Dolgoprudny administration press service reports on this innovations news.

The main objectives of the project are to create an innovative enterprises complex on the basis of MIPT, to form an organization of successful young scientists and entrepreneurs. According to Andrew Ivashchenko, the member of the MIPT Supervisory Board, at the end of 2011 the State Duma adopted a law on regional clusters. The essence of this law is that the government intends to maintain the so-called growth points - areas that have great scientific and economic potential. Ministry of Economic Development has announced a competition to create innovative clusters - the complex of innovative enterprises, grouped around the intellectual core. In the west, such clusters are very successful, for example, Silicon Valley in California (grouped around two major universities, Stanford and Berkeley).

The rector of MIPT Nikolai Kudryavtsev said at the meeting that the graduates are forced to leave Phystech Dolgoprudny for Moscow or abroad, because there are few workplaces in high-tech sector in our little town. Meanwhile, many of them after to six years of study got accustomed to Dolgoprudny and would like to stay and live here. Of course, there are innovative companies in the city, most of them are engaged in computer technology and grouped around the MIPT. But that's not enough, and the creation of a cluster can help solve this problem.

Dolgoprudny and Khimki together will participate in the contest, as they conform to the international standards of innovation cluster. What are these standards? The presence of a large technical higher education institution, highly educated population, a sufficient number of new housing and, at the same time, the presence of industrial zones, which are converted into industrial parks. The presence of an airport near the township and recreation areas is not less important. Dolgoprudny and Khimki together fully conform to these criteria: MIPT, the population with higher technical education since the days of the Soviet Union (employees of such companies as Federal State Unitary Enterprise DKBA, JSC DNPP, NGO Energomash, etc.). New housing is built in both cities, at the same time, there are industrial sites that are no longer used in the earlier volumes, which can be used for a technology park. And, finally, Sheremetyevo Airport and scenic spots along the Moscow Canal and Klyazma reservoir are located near.

In addition, the MIPT has the experience of creating a cluster - now a biopharmaceutical cluster North is created at its base. Such companies as Akrihin, ChemRar, Protek and others joined it. They are engaged in pharmaceutical research and manufacturing of medicines. New innovative companies are created on the basis of the North cluster.

Nikolai Kudryavtsev said that although the new biopharmaceutical building is not yet built, many labs are already working. When the construction is completed, they will not spend time on the creation of laboratories and research groups. Dolgoprudny Head Oleg Troitsky summed up the meeting - and Dolgoprudny and Khimki citizens have all chances of winning the contest. It is a definite advantage for both cities, a new impetus for development.

The meeting participants decided to prepare and submit applications for the competition to create innovative cluster.