Customs to simplify the import of goods for Skolkovo participants

Customs to simplify the import of goods for Skolkovo participants The website of the Federal Customs Service published a draft order that reduces administrative barriers for the participants of Skolkovo innovation center. The document is to simplify the procedure of customs clearance of goods imported to Russia to be used in construction and technical equipment of real estate in the innocenter as well as of goods necessary for scientific activities.

The vice-president of the Skolkovo Fund Stanislav Naumov told RIA Novosti that this order, in particular, will solve the problem of bench testing equipment importation and in general will speed up entering the global market by innovative products from Russia.

According to the representative of the Customs and financial company of the Skolkovo center Gregory Mironov, the center members and their partners involved in the implementation of projects are exempted from customs duties and VAT on equipment imported for research purposes. More specifically, these duties and taxes will be paid by Skolkovo.

With this solution of FCS we will have an opportunity to defray the expenses of innovators who carry out projects not only in Moscow but also in other regions. In addition, this solution simplifies the process of customs clearance of goods and reduce administrative barriers for Skolkovo participants - he said.