Skolkovo to hold an innovation week in St. Petersburg

Skolkovo to hold an innovation week in St. Petersburg A series of events organized by Skolkovo under the title Innovation Week that is devoted to various issues of the implementation of high-tech projects support in Russia will take place from June, 19 to 23 in St. Petersburg.

This Innovation Week starts with Monday’s roundtable - Skolkovo is a Platform for Innovative Regional Development. Cluster Approach in the Creation of Innovation Ecosystem. During the conference, in particular, they will discuss opportunities for cooperation with regional innovation companies.

A meeting of the industrial advisory board of the fund will take place on Tuesday - its job is to identify the barriers that face implementation of innovative projects in Russia and to give recommendations how to overcome them. The first meeting of this council was held in March in Moscow.

Further activities of Skolkovo will take place within St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Among the key speakers from Skolkovo are the president of Skolkovo Viktor Vekselberg, vice president for the interaction with public authorities and the public Stanislav Naumov, Presidential Adviser of the Fund Pekka Vilyakaynen.