Startup Afisha to provide legal support for young companies

Startup Afisha to provide legal support for young companies Startup Afisha platform has announced today the launch of a new legal service for startups The Right to a Startup, organized jointly with Vorokueva and Partners legal company. The new project promises to provide appropriate legal support for young entrepreneurs.

Right to a Start-up is a set of all necessary legal documents for startups in one place; you can download them and just fill in your data. The organizers of the new project say that the difficulties with formalization and presentation of relations with investors are the most popular issues.
In addition to the documents themselves, you can also download the instructions for their completion and get legal advice on a particular issue.

Also, it is planned to publish the cases associated with legal proceedings and legal issues between the founders of companies and investors in School Start-up special section. The examples will show controversial trial proceedings commented by lawyers and tips on how to protect yourself in similar situations. The first story of the kind is now available: Paul Celia claims to 50% of Facebook.

Partner of the project The Right to a Startup is a law firm Vorokueva and partners, which specializes in working with IT start-ups, and business legal support. The company's specialists provide a full range of legal services including legal support for start-ups, the implementation of complex projects and uphold clients’ interests in their relations with public authorities.

Recall that in March 2012 Startup Afisha announced a similar project - the service of legal aid for startups when startups could quickly get answers to their questions directly at the page of that special project. As explained by the PR-manager of Startup Afisha Olga Rozumiy to , the main idea of the new service The Right to a Startup is not about advising the readers, but about the creation of the necessary documents database for startups which can be easily downloaded at one place along with instructions for their completion and legal advice on any issue. The list of documents that are presented on the website of Startup Afisha will be expanding under the development of the project The Right to a Startup.