Russia strengthened its position in the global ranking of innovation

Russia strengthened its position in the global ranking of innovationRussia has climbed five places up in the global ranking of innovation compared to the last year and strengthened its leadership in the region. The ranking is made by the World Intellectual Property Organization UN (WIPO) with the participation of an international business school INSEAD.

The Global Innovation Index takes into account a number of key indicators that give a comprehensive picture of 141 countries innovative development around the world. The study's authors believe that the success of the economy is directly related to both the opportunities for innovation, and practical results obtained as a result of innovation activity.

This year Russia ranked second among the BRIC countries and the CIS according to the level of innovation. As noted in the report, Russia is on the top positions in categories such as Studies, Human capital and research, The level of business development. High-speed communication technologies and access to the Internet are rapidly developing in the country as well as the supply and usage of modern information and digital services, there is a multiple increase in demand for high-quality information, education and entertainment content.

Despite the fact that our country can not be much to move up in the global rankings according to a number of indicators, it has a good chance to enter the world's technology elite in the near future - the press service of NGOs RIC-Systems says. - Speeding up the innovation activities will allow Russia to use the powerful intellectual potential to change the raw material orientation of the economy and accelerate socio-economic development in general.