Aport.ru that used to cost $25M is sold for $150K

Aport.ru that used to cost $25M is sold for $150K Aport.ru website, which was bought by Golden Telecom for $25M, is valued at $150K to date. This amount of money was paid by the general manager of Mamba.ru website Andrew Bronetsky. According to him, the purchase of this domain is necessary in order to make it the basis for a resource like market.yandex.ru or Price.ru, and the search engine which used to be a competitor of Yandex, is useless for it.

The domain name is good, it still has a high level of citing - Bronetsky says. His partners and he plan to invest $350K more in this project and take it to return in six months, and to profit in the fall of 2013. An application of the service for Android Market and AppStore could also be developed soon.

According to LiveInternet, about 6K unique users visit aport.ru website a day, the website was viewed by 20K people in February 2010. According to Rambler statistics, 25 M people daily visited the website in 2005.

Search engine Aport was bought by Golden Telecom for $25M in 2000 (at the peak of popularity of Internet services). The company was owned by Israeli venture investor Joseph Avchuk at that time, who had previously bought it (in 1998) and invested only $55K. In 2006, the company was estimated at $8-10M.