Russian Ventures Fund is developing a project to monitor the content of Runet

Russian Ventures Fund is developing a project to monitor the content of RunetEugene Gordeev, a managing partner of Russian Ventures, announced a new project of the fund on his Facebook page which is an analytical and statistical service to monitor the content of Runet to identify the most popular pages, photos and videos among the users.

As he explained to website, the monitoring of content is being conducted according to 42 interests and three parameters – the traffic, citation index and comments. The release itself is not expected at the nearest time.

First of all, the aim of the project is to provide necessary data for 5-6 projects of Russian Ventures and then we will consider whom the service can be offered to. But all the top 100 sites have the demand for such data. Everybody wants to write about what's happening right now, not yesterday. This tool will be used to collect relevant information for users.

Gordeev also mentioned that there are three similar projects in the U.S., and one of them is

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