Skolkovo will actively cooperate with Asian universities

Skolkovo will actively cooperate with Asian universities The director of Skolkovo Victor Vekselberg said that the Fund will develop partnerships not only with European and American universities, but with universities in Asia too. According to him, some preliminary meetings have been already held with a number of universities, particularly with the University of Tokyo and the University of Singapore.

Robotics has been discussed with the University of Tokyo, and it is planned to make an agreement on specific forms of cooperation. In particular, according to Vekselberg, one of well-known Chinese professors will join the board of trustees of Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology.

We have two forms of cooperation with universities, says the Director of Skolkovo. - The first one will be realized within educational and research centers of Skolkovo University. These centers require mandatory participation of international partners to address specific problems. 5 of the 15 centers will be established with the participation of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the rest with other international universities including Asian.