Businessman Oleg Tinkoff to deliver a lecture in Novosibirsk

Businessman Oleg Tinkoff to deliver a lecture in NovosibirskRussian businessman Oleg Tinkoff will hold a meeting with young entrepreneurs in Novosibirsk State University on September, 14. During an open lecture Tinkov will share his unique business experience and tell how to make money on new technologies in business.

The theme of the meeting is Entrepreneurship and new technologies. Oleg Tinkoff is one of the most outstanding and charismatic entrepreneurs in Russia, he has managed to build 5 successful companies in a variety of industries, most of which were sold at the peak of their growth.

At the moment, Oleg Tinkoff is the chairman of Tinkoff Credit Systems bank, the founder of several successful retail projects, catering and production, the author of two books I'm Just Like Anyone Else and How to become a businessman, as well as the host of his own Online Program Business secrets with Oleg Tinkoff. In addition, he has recently founded Tinkoff Digital Company, which will deal with investments in Internet startups.

Among the issues planned for discussion are:

- Can you do his way and become as successful as he is?
- What is needed to become an entrepreneur?
- How to build a successful business from scratch?
- How to use modern technologies and the Internet in business?
- How to successfully sell the business and leave the project at the peak of its growth?