ARISTOS award for Best Venture investor

ARISTOS award for Best Venture investorARISTOS award will be presented in a special category Best Venture Investor for the first time in its decade history, the partner of which is JSC RVC.

The tenth anniversary awarding ceremony will take place on October 24, 2012 at Moscow International House of Music to name the winners in nine traditional and three special categories, including the winner in Best Venture Capitalist category.

The surge of venture investments in various sectors of Russian economy indicated not only the strong growth in this sector, but also the effectiveness of management practices - Eugene Kuznetsov said, the Director of promoting innovation and social programs, a member of the Board of JSC RVC. - Individual investors' activities should be recognized by the business community, which will give further impetus to the development of the industry. Public recognition is a key tool to support any activity especially which is based on the talent and ambitions.