Mail.Ru Group sold 40% of

Mail.Ru Group sold 40% of Free-Lance.ruMail.Ru Group withdrew from project. The company controlled 40% of’s exchange directly and through Negotiations and the transaction took more than a year, the general director of Vasily Nikolaev said.

Mail.Ru Group owned 20% of, another 20% belonged to As a result, all 40% of shares went to investors from the pharmaceutical industry. As explained by Nikolaev, one of the new shareholders is a very prominent public businessman and another one is the same prominent, but not public.

The transaction amount is not known, but the CEO of promised to report it later.

HeadHunter Group and fund Digital Sky Technologies acquired 20% stake in project in 2007. After restructuring in 2010, the Digital Sky Technologies fund was transformed into Mail.Ru Group. project is owned by Mail.Ru Group.